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project developed in partnership with microsoft design research.

platform is a signaling and information system installed in subway stations making use of existing, obsolete structures.
in a world of excesses, Platform is a system designed with minimal interface which appropriates and reframes existing structures, reducing what the architect Reem Koolhaas would call « junkspace » - in other words, fighting non-places filled with junk information.

unlike other systems, Platform reaches beyond the traditional assumptions involving an information device - it takes advantage of unused areas, establishing new creative relations between people and the urban environment and its structures.

platform identifies and understands the different flows of subway activity through multiple sensors, displaying appropriate information about public transportation, traffic, overground city activities and others according to the users’ needs, integrating people and the city they inhabit.

project developed by Clara Juliano, Nikita Vidal, Raquel Cordeiro; advised by Marcos Martins, Eliane Jobim, Rodolfo Capeto, Noni Geiger; @Esdi/UERJ.

selected as best project for the Microsoft Design Research Expo 2014 – seattle, US

/ music: Moreno +2 (Domenico, Kassin, Moreno)

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