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Design and illustration for the Oracle for Transfeminist Technologies, a hands-on speculative design card game aiming to make the debates on biased ai and tech accessible and to radically re-imagine what tech could look like if built around transfeminist values.


The game consists of 5 illustrated categories: Objects, Situations, Bodies/Territories, Joker and Values. The last category imposed a big design challenge: that of illustrating in small, simple line art,  a series of abstract and at times subjective concepts.


The Oracle for Transfeminist Technologies has been played, displayed and discussed in festivals, seminars and exhibitions around the globe. Kampnagel Sommerfestival, Goethe Venezuela, Gemeinde Köln, Disruption Lab Network, and Superrr Lab are a few of the events and organisations who have hosted our project.

The cards were developed and launched as part of the Feminist Tech fellowship granted to Clarote by Superrr Lab with support from Mozilla.


The project was created in a collaboration between Clarote (Coding Rights), Joana Varon (Coding Rights) and Sasha Constanza-Chock (Design Justice Network).

The game was developed and iterated through workshops in a variety of contexts and partners, also favouring the inclusion of a diversity of voices.

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